Plant Sale 

Today we had our plant sale, we all enjoyed buying our plants and sampling some of the recipes we could make with them. How many plants did you buy? 


Labelling the plants 

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Today, we have been labelling all the different plants ready for the plant sale tomorrow. It’s important that they are labelled properly so that everyone knows what they can buy! We can’t wait for the plant sale and to be … Continue reading

Teamwork in PE

Today in PE we worked as a team to play cricket football. We had to work really hard to make sure the other team didn’t get more points. How many points did your team get? 



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This afternoon, we have been planting some more tomatoes and dwarf beans ready for the plant sale next week. It was important to plant them carefully and to label them. What plants have you planted today? What plants do you … Continue reading


Array to multiply 

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Today, in maths, we have been using array to help us to multiply. It is important to make sure you count out your dots properly so that you get the right answer. We learnt that array can be shown in … Continue reading



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Today, in literacy, we started to learn at riddles. We first identified if it was a riddle and then we were reading the riddles and circling the key words in the riddles. We noticed that the riddle started with harder … Continue reading

Throwing competition 

Today we had our annual throwing competition. We had to really concentrate on our aim and throw as far as we good. What was your best score? 


Cardingmill Valley 

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Today, we went to Cardingmill Valley! We had lots of fun pond dipping and looking for different plants. We even went on a lovely walk. While pond dipping we court small fish, it was important that we were careful with … Continue reading

Sports Day!

This morning we had our whole school sports day. 

Well done to everyone that took part and thank you to all the parents who came to support us. 

Well done to all the houses for racing well and to red house for coming in first place. 

We are looking forward to our next sporting event.

Sports day practise

This afternoon we got into our teams and house colours and practised getting into the right teams. What team are you in?