This afternoon, we have been using beebot. We have be coding the beebot to follow different instructions. It was important to code them carefully to make sure that the beebot ended up where we wanted it to. What have you done with the beebots?

Choir champs.

Today we went into the hall to take part in the whole school competition of ‘Chair Champs’. Everyone did very well, well done to the winner Mitch in year 2! What is your fastest time?  


Retelling a story

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Today, in literacy, we were retelling a story. It was important to say about the beginning, middle and the end of the story. We had to use clear voices when retelling the story and we also had to make sure … Continue reading

Comparing Inventors

Today we compared the lives of Tim Bernese-Lee and Alexander Bell. We worked in pairs to write some information down and then compared the differences. What do you know about these inventors? 



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Today, we made pizza! It was important to wash our hands before we started cooking. We then made the dough. We thought about the different things we come use as toppings yesterday. We used the different toppings today on our … Continue reading


Warhol and Caninsky 

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This afternoon, we looked at pictures by Warhol and Candinsky and we were identify what we liked about them. What do you like and dislike about them?

Richard Trevithick 

Today in topic we were looking at the importance of Richard Trevithick. We made a green screen all about him. Some of us were newspaper reporters and reported the facts, some of us were architects and designed the train and some of us were artists and created a portrait of him. What do you know about Richard Trevithick?

Our role in society 

Today in PSHE we were talking about our role in society. We discussed what jobs there were in the book ‘Audrey the Amazing Inventor.’ And then went on to think of all the different things we would need to do in order to achieve our own goals. What job would you like to do?


Creating a poem 

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Today, in literacy, we have been creating poems. We used our character profiles from yesterday to help as come up with different ideas. It was important that we used rhyming words. Can you think of any rhyming words?


Someone special 

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Today, we have been making cards for someone special. We used paint and our hand print. We made a flower with our hands and we also wrote a poem as a class to describe our special someone.