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Today in maths we were learning about directions. We spoke about the language of forwards, backwards, left and right. We had to control sphero using these directions to get it to go to different places. Where did your sphero go to?


Today we controlled Sphero to draw some fractions. We found that we had to make sure our drawing was really accurate for it to go where we wanted it to go. What would you make Sphero do? 



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This afternoon, we all went up to the hall and used the spheros. We used the iPads to write answers to different multiplication sentences and the sphero would then move in the shape of the number on the floor. Have … Continue reading

Choir champs.

Today we went into the hall to take part in the whole school competition of ‘Chair Champs’. Everyone did very well, well done to the winner Mitch in year 2! What is your fastest time?  

Measuring Lengths 

Today we have been measuring different objects to find out what their lengths are. We measured lots of different objects and recorded these in our books. Some of us even went on to ordering these from the shortest to the longest. How many different objects can you find that we can measure the length of? 


Grouping to divide 

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Today, in maths, we have been grouping to divided. Some of the class went outside to use the stones to help them with grouping. We were dividing by 2, 5 and 10. 


Adding 1 digit numbers 

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This morning, we having been adding 1 digit numbers together. Blue group went out into the outdoor learning area to look for numbers. They then adding three 1 digit numbers together. Do you know what 3+2+6=? 



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This morning, we have been using different coins to make amounts. We have been thinking about the different coins you can use. Can you name the different coins? 


Tens and ones 

This week, we are looking at 10s and 1s. We are splitting up numbers into their 10s and 1s. We have also been looking at the different ways you can split up a number. Can you split numbers into 10s … Continue reading


Sharing circles

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Today, in maths, we have been using sharing circles. We have been using sharing circles to share different numbers between two. Can you share with sharing circles?